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Salisbury Post Newspapers In Education FAQs

Q. Is my school district in your distribution area?

A. The Salisbury Post delivers to every school in the Rowan-Salisbury School System. Special Arrangements can be made for Kannapolis City Schools. Contact us at 704-797-4220 or email for details.

Q. How can I make a donation or be a sponsor of Newspapers in Education program?

A. There are several ways in which you can help.
Call us at 704-797-4220

Q. How do I sign up for NIE?

A. Call us at 704-797-4220

Q. What’s an affidavit?

A. This is a one-page letter of verification for classroom use and delivery. It does not cost you anything but is very important that when you receive one that you return it promptly.

Q. Can we still get paper versions of the Salisbury Post for our classrooms?

A. Yes

Q. Who do I call if I do not receive my classroom newspapers?

A. Call Salisbury Post Circulation at 704-797-4213 . Please look around the school and ask others at the school to be sure your newspapers haven’t been misplaced.

Q. How can I get the changes to my order made, such as changing delivery day(s) or number of copies?

A. Email or call 704-797-4213

Q. How do I schedule a tour?

Submit the request to

Q. What is the E-Paper?

A. An electronic version of the Salisbury Post available to subscribers and for members of the Salisbury Post NIE program